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NEW Album announcement – Released today! 11/27/2018


Boreal Taiga - Siberia


A 12 track full length album and journey to remote, cold and often deep areas of Siberia. From the Kamchatka Peninsula East to Murmansk in the west, Boreal Taiga explores ancient cultures, shamanism, tundra and the taiga forest environment from a new perspective. Ambient, dub ambient and deep sounds inspired by research, travels and history.

Written and produced by JimD at Shaman Studios
Mastared by Dave Luxton
Album photography by Richard Sidey
On Wayfarer Records

Note: the 13th track “Anadyrsky District” was not included in the final album. This track will be released at another time.




Just Released! Boreal Taiga – Iceland on Polar Magnet Records

A 6 track ambient album exploring Iceland.

Purchase here: Boreal Taiga – Iceland

Boreal Taiga - Iceland 2016

Boreal Taiga – Iceland 2016

Cover photo by Richard Sidey. Iceland Aurora.





Wayfarer Records announcement: June 20th, 2017 release, Boreal Taiga – Greenland.

A year in the making. Purchase here

Greenland (coming soon)


Out now! Polar Reflections

A compilation of tracks through the years with Wayfarer Records. Purchase here

Purchase:      Amazon    iTunes    Bandcamp    CDBaby   Spotify




Landscapes at the World’s Ends – Music by Boreal Taiga

Landscapes at the World’s Ends on Vimeo.