BT Gate X-138

Boreal Taiga’s dub techno, dub chillout sound started in 2013. Signed to Tehnofonika Records in 2015, BT Gate X-138 has released 4 full length albums. Exploring the dub techno and dub ambient sounds, creating deep spaces of dubby bass and beats with a touch of ambient.


We present you a preview of our next release «BT Gate X-138 – Deep Prospekt», pre-order which can already be issued in our Bandcamp. Expect a cold sound with its own story. If you can compare this music with a man who has achieved a lot, it is likely he was brought up by a strict and successful dad, whose name was Dub-techno, and mysterious, but very interesting mom named Ambient.




BT Gate X-138 – Yelizovo Broadxcast on Tehnofonika Records

Available as a digital download or CD on 5/15/2018

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dub techno, dub ambient


New Podcast DJ mix by BT Gate X-138 for negyednégy . All dub techno mix.

NEW: 11/2017 OUT NOW!

BT Gate X​-​138 – Streets of Arkhangelsk

Download here or order the CD version.


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