BT Gate X-138

Boreal Taiga’s dub techno, dub chillout sound started in 2013. Signed to Tehnofonika Records in 2015, BT Gate X-138 has released 4 full length albums. Exploring the dub techno and dub ambient sounds, creating deep spaces of dubby bass and beats with a touch of ambient.



August 2018 release on Agape&Satori Records

BT Gate X​-​138 “E105”

This EP was written with memories of visiting parts of the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The sights and large expanse of the taiga forest made deep impressions and these were translated into sound structures or tracks. Given the beauty, the long taiga roads as well as the architecture, mostly brutalist styles, the inspiration for this EP had to be recorded. The E105 highway, or “Kola Motorway”, runs the route from St Petersburg to Murmansk above the Arctic Circle with Finland to the west and Norway at the north western border.

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released August 6, 2018

Mastering by
Photo by Alexandra Kampinski [ ]
Design by Subchord [ ]


We present you a preview of our next release «BT Gate X-138 – Deep Prospekt», pre-order which can already be issued in our Bandcamp. Expect a cold sound with its own story. If you can compare this music with a man who has achieved a lot, it is likely he was brought up by a strict and successful dad, whose name was Dub-techno, and mysterious, but very interesting mom named Ambient.




BT Gate X-138 – Yelizovo Broadxcast on Tehnofonika Records

Available as a digital download or CD on 5/15/2018

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dub techno, dub ambient


New Podcast DJ mix by BT Gate X-138 for negyednégy . All dub techno mix.

NEW: 11/2017 OUT NOW!

BT Gate X​-​138 – Streets of Arkhangelsk

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